Temperatures in UK to drop to chilly 7C right before five-day September heatwave

Temperatures in Britain are forecast to drop to just 7C right before a five-day heatwave is set to take hold.

On Tuesday (September 5) weather maps show a wall of cold air heading towards the UK and according to the Daily Express, the mercury will drop to single figures in much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as parts of north west England on Monday (September 4).

Further south however the situation will look quite different, with temperatures in the south east reaching 15C in Kent.

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Just a few days later, Britain is set to bask in scorching heat that will reach as high as 24C โ€” which will be warmer than certain parts of Spain โ€” with the hot and dry weather expected to last for around a week.

East Anglia, the Midlands, along with parts of the north of England will enjoy the hottest temperatures, with Wales and parts of Scotland also seeing the mercury reach the low 20Cs.

Met Office spokesperson Graham Madge told the Express that the outlook for the month as a whole however is fairly uncertain, partly due to the peak hurricane season.

He said: "At this stage, signals suggest a typical mix of conditions in September, with more unsettled conditions more likely in the northwest, and drier conditions further south and east, though large local variations are possible.

"A westerly flow of weather for the UK is most likely, with a mix of drier spells as well as interludes of rain through the month, as youโ€™d normally expect. Temperatures are likely to be near-average at the start of the month."

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