I visited the most haunted doll in the world and now people say I am cursed

A ghost hunter who came face to face with one of the most haunted dolls in the world has been told he is "cursed".

Influencer Kalani Smith regularly hunts for spirits in "haunted places" and shares his findings on TikTok. But the 25-year-old's recent encounter with a doll named Robert has seen his pals turn on him, declaring their fellow ghost hunter cursed by the finding.

Kalani had already shown himself interacting with a "little girl" in an abandoned house used for a horror movie, and now has taken on a grim challenge. He and fellow explorer Josh headed off to find a doll used in a ritual sacrifice.

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Posting the ghostly encounter onto his Instagram page, influencer Kalani says he and hunter Josh were "attacked" after a blood ritual. He was left "cursed" according to his pals and a "demonic" experience has changed their lives.

He said: "We got attacked after the blood ritual was performed and felt like we caught on fire. It got insanely hot and then we both ended up throwing up. Josh was considering going to the hospital if his condition didn’t improve.

"He was laying [down] pouring water on himself and we had to eventually leave the property for 20 minutes, before returning to continue our investigation in his chamber." Josh has since claimed he is suffering from a stream of bad luck.

From losing his baggage, having his flight cancelled and now an eye inflammation, the ghost hunter cannot catch a break. Some now allege he is being haunted by the Robert doll.

Whether the curse is truly making an impact is yet to be proven, though the ghost hunting duo are absolutely certain the well-known doll, which inspired the Chucky horror films, is behind the rotten luck.

Kalani added: "The doll is rumoured to curse people that film or video him without permission – and we didn’t ask. We didn’t pick [him] up and he stayed in his case while we were outside of the room, but once we unveiled him, an electric and heavy feeling filled the air.

"We got some voices that came through on our voice recorder and equipment going off in the chamber. There was also something that came through the spirit box which said it wanted us to stay."

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