Revuelto gets bespoke ‘Opera Unica’ paint

Lamborghini's 'one-off piece of art' debuts at Art Basel Miami Beach – all 435 hours of it

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 7 December 2023 / Loading comments

We’re just a few weeks from the end of Lamborghini’s huge anniversary year. It’s made the most of it, too, from revealing its first LMDh endurance racer to a limited edition Huracan STO and the launch of its first series production hybrid. Which might be the best series production Lamborghini V12 ever. But then you’re only 60 once. To (presumably) finish off the big birthday celebrations and mark the launch of its first High Performance Electrified Vehicle just one more time, Lamborghini has created this: the Revuelto Opera Unica. 

Unveiled as part of the Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 showcase, the Opera Unica is the work of Lamborghini’s Centro Stile, under the guidance of the Ad Personam personalisation team. If the customer wants it, Ad Personam can make it happen – here’s the proof. The exterior is hand-painted, the Viola Pasifae fading into Nero Helene in spectacular fashion. Spot the 60th anniversary logo, too. The outside took 435 hours of work; just the brushstroke details required 76 hours of testing and application. Talk about thorough. 

Doesn’t stop there, either, as another 220 hours was dedicated to the Revuelto Opera Unica’s interior. There are more 60th anniversary logos, plus upholstery in Nero Ade and Viola Acutus. Those bold brushstrokes seen on the outside are repeated on the cover of the start buttons. 

As you might expect with a 1,001hp V12 being shown at an art expo, this Lamborghini is mechanically unaltered. The focus is unashamedly on what’s been achieved with a blank mid-engined canvas and a whole lot of creativity (and time). Stephan Winkelmann said of the Opera Unica: “Being the fastest, most technologically advanced and customizable Lamborghini in history, the Revuelto has seen a tremendously positive response from customers globally. The iconic V12 plays an integral part in Lamborghini’s history and with this ‘Opera Unica’ we have truly explored the possibilities of our Ad Personam personalization, thus creating an automotive masterpiece.” 

It’s not clear yet whether this Revuelto is a customer commission or a factory project (we’d assume the latter), though the message is clear: there really is no limit to Ad Personam personalisation for those willing to embark on it. Says a lot about the Revuelto’s design that we’re yet to see a spec it doesn’t suit, up to and including Opera Unica. So let your imagination run wild. There are even some less extreme Ad Personam cars in the classifieds for inspiration: this Urus is Viola Pasifae all over, this Huracan looks very funky in a shade called Celeste Fedra, and this Aventador S channels its inner Miura with Verde Themis. The more colourful Lamborghinis in the world, the better – right?

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