My Altroz DCA goes for first service: A below average experience

I was sure that these being minor issues the Tata SC should handle this well.

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First free service experience:

Had heard a lot about the horrible ASS of Tata. Even during my purchase phase, everyone cited the same. Tales on how they handle the customers during service time, how the problem is attended to, how the solutions are a misfit/ aggravating the problem / doesn’t solve the issue. Praying the almighty that there should be no unknown source of issue surfacing out other than the known issues discussed in the forum threads.

Had 3 minor issues in my car before service. All related to the wipers. First, the rear wiper was making a lot of noise. Second, the throw of the wiper washer fluid felt very improper at the front and rear. Third, the wiper washer fluid was getting used up very fast – Like i was refilling every 2 days. I’m a generous user of wiper fluid and never start the wiper without fluids – both front and rear.

I was sure that these being minor issues the Tata SC should handle this well. Booked an appointment about a week in advance after regular follow-up from SC. Dropped the vehicle at 9:30 am sharp on 23-July-2023. Was informed that they will call me after the vehicle is getting ready. I left the SC and returned home. I waited till 1 pm and called with vehicle details. They told the vehicle was getting ready after the washing. It was my cue to start. I checked with the SC advisor and she told the vehicle was ready.

Asked the mechanic who attended the vehicle about the problems and wanted to check. Found that none of the issues were attended to. I went mad mode  and soon things started to be attended to. A technician took me to the car and started with the complete capacity test of the wiper fluid tank. I told him clearly, that don’t fix things in a hurry and I need a complete solution, not a quick temporary fix. He immediately got the issue of the throw being high led to the excessive usage of water in the front wiper. The rear throw was like a leaking tap. He immediately corrected them. Used some cleaning solution to wipe the rear wiper blades.

I checked again and found that the second and third issues to be resolved. However I was not convinced with his solution/ fix for the first issue. Even to date I’ve the issue of sound from rear wipers when they are operational. Will take some solutions from forum and implement them. Starting with cleaning of the rubber with cleaner solution using toothbrush after soaking for 10-15 minutes, take a 1200 grit sandpaper to file the rubber gently. Hopefully this should help the rubber regain some lost glory. As a last resort trim the rubber. Wait till next monsoon season and replace the wiper rubbers. After all they are consumables and not long lasting accessories right.

One thing is very clear to me. The ASS of Tata is going to be bad, no matter the city or the dealership compared with the Suzuki and Korean twins. It is all about accepting that fact and proceeding to get a fix for the problem. Just icing on the cake, Its a lovely car at hand and with good and responsible ASS SC the experience would have been great. Tata has sold more vehicles recently only because their build quality is good. People will start to search elsewhere if the ASS is not reliable and bankable one. It’s high time they realize and recognize this.

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