Video shows shoppers wading through street as gardens destroyed in Storm Ciaran

Shoppers were forced to wade through flooded streets, while gardens have been completely destroyed as Storm Ciarán leaves a path of destruction behind it.

The storm battered the south of the UK and Channel Islands last night, with amber weather warnings in place from the Met Office.

Videos shared online showed the aftermath of the storm.

One TikTok filmed in Looe, Cornwall, saw shoppers wading through a flooded high street, with water up to their knees and the window ledges of stores.

Another video showed a garden in the Channel Islands that had been completely destroyed by the winds. A trampoline had been broken and fences pulled down by the strong gusts – which have reportedly been as high as 110 miles per hour.

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Jersey saw the highest wind speeds in the UK, with gusts of up to 104mph, as well as 5cm hailstones that sounded like “ice bombs”.

Many have reported the hailstones being big enough and the wind strong enough to break windows, with one shattering over a woman and her baby.

Storm Ciarán is also causing power cuts, closures and public transport cancellations in the south east of England, including in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

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@clesiads86 Better now we can see tge damage, such a scary night, no sleep here ������������ hope everuone is keeping safe #stormciaran ♬ original sound – clesiads86

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Today, the storm will track across the south-east and East Anglia before moving over the North Sea this afternoon.

It is believed wind gusts will have peaked over the Channel Islands, Devon and Cornwall but damage and disruption are still possible this morning. Wind could strengthen across the coastal areas of the south-east.

Yellow and amber weather alerts for wind and rain remain in place across the south coast of England. There is also a yellow rain alert in Wales and along the east coast from Leeds to Inverness.

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