Teacher suspended over racy pics says colleague outed her as student posted note

An American teacher was suspended after a student put a note on her door saying they "knew her secret".

The note comes after Megan Gaither, a teacher from St. Clair High School, Missouri became the second teacher to be found making racy content online and blames her fellow colleagues for her getting caught.

Megan says she felt forced to admit posting the raunchy content online because her co-workers leaked it to the press.

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She told NBC Boston: "I very quickly made the decision. Do I let them post the wrong story about me, or do I tell my story?"

Megan added: "I weighed the options and I thought telling my story was the better option."

But, Megan isn't the first teacher at the school to take up OnlyFans with her former colleague Brianna Coppage also using the website to supplement her income.

Despite not showing her face Megan was discovered wearing the same costume in a video with Coppage and then again in another video revealing her identity.

In an angry jibe at her colleagues, Megan took to Facebook to say: ""At least I didn't try to neglect my duties of paying back what I borrowed to get educated, right? I made the adult choice of getting a side hustle. And guess what? It's working out ok so far,"

Coppage told Fox News that turned to using OnlyFans in a bid to try and offset her $126,000 student debt which she was finding it hard to pay back on her $42,000 income from her teaching.

She also told KMOV-TV that it was impossible to get another job to supplement her teaching.

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She said: "We don't get to stop working when we leave the school day.

"We don't get to grade all 130 students' papers during the day.

Missouri is reportedly one of the lowest wage payers to teachers according to the National Education Association with the starting salary for a teacher in the US coming at $42,844, while the average cost of living for a family of four is $85,139.

It's just not possible when you're teaching, so we take that work home with us on the evenings and on the weekends. Getting a second job is really not possible."

Last month, the Daily Star reported that Gaither was tempted by a $42,000 offer from Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Illinois.

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