Real-life Westworld with sex robots possible now where they talk at human level

Sexy scenes from sci-fi hit Westworld could become a reality thanks to the rapid boom of AI technology in 2023, it has been claimed. The HBO show hit screens in 2016 and depicted lifelike robots occupying a Wild West amusement park that humans could visit โ€“ and have conjugal rights with.

But it is claimed the technology is now there to make this a reality for anyone who has the funding following a monumental breakthrough in AI technology this year. Brick Dollbanger โ€“ not, er, his real name โ€“ is a sex robot collector with close ties to manufacturer RealDoll, also claims the technology is there for those robots to talk at the same level as a human too.

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The California resident told The Daily Star: "Sex robots could definitely talk at the same level as a human. If you had the correct funding you could have Westworld right now.

"If you throw enough money at a problem you can solve it and it will happen very rapidly. But that's with unlimited funds."

There is no suggestion RealDoll is preparing to make a real-life Westworld. But Las Vegas-based company, which has moved from California, is thought to be the most advanced sex robot manufacturer in the world.

Its flagship Harmony model will set back users $6,149 (ยฃ5,024) and offers users a selection of hair styles, eye colour and breast size.

They can also talk to users and offer their own facial expressions, and the whole experience can be controlled with an app you download to your phone.

Before the pandemic slowed down plans, Dollbanger claims the company was considering technology that would allow its robots to stand up straight and walk.

That would echo scenes from the hit sci-fi film, Ex Machina.

He adds there were also plans to install sex robots with vision that would allow them to recognise human lovers when they walk into a room. But for now, plans include expanding robots' 'companionship mode'.

Dollbanger added: "That is something they would be looking to do, expand her companionship mode, they might even give you some scripting.

"What they have thought about is giving people a chance to script within the X mode. Put a line in, have her say something that turns you on. Five or six words, you can insert something in there."

Previously, Dollbanger said sex robots could one day use algorithm that would give humans the best sex of their lives.

He said: "If sex robots are installed with algorithm, learning your likes and your dislikes, then I don't know that it wouldn't be the best sex of your life.

"They could figure out what you really want by responding to physical touch and learning. Without emotion, that's down to opinion.

"But it can anticipate what some of your responses would be and it can work from that. That's the connection humans seek, that soul person that's just like you and understands you – and it can be that."

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