Putins gymnast lover disappeared as punishment for being Kremlin source

The sex-mad gymnast lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn't been seen for nearly one month, and an expert has claimed she has “disappeared” due to potentially being the infamous “Kremlin source” claiming Putin is dead.

Conspiracy theories remain rife of a lookalike replacing Putin in the seat of power. The double is supposedly being managed by Russian Security Chief Nikolai.

The source has been using Telegram channel General SVR to make the claims – and recently claimed the gymnast Alina Kabaeva as under house arrest having not made any public appearances for nearly one month.

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She was last seen at a gymnastics event in Sochi, where she gave an interview and stood on stage, but was not seen arriving back in Moscow and hasn't been seen since.

And after claiming yesterday when in conversation with the Daily Star that Kabaeva could actually be the Kremlin source, Professor Anthony Glees has now said that she has “disappeared” as punishment for leaking the claims, which were ruled as “state secrets” weeks ago.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: “If Alina told someone, that would, in my opinion, be a 'credible' source even if it proved to be wrong. If she truly has been disappeared that would suggest a punishment for leaking – someone like Putin has always thrived on mystery and rumour.

“I'm always happy when he's on the receiving end! The deep truth is that Russia still is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma as Churchill put it.

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“I was one of those who was told there were credible rumours, just before and round about October 27, that Putin was very seriously ill and might even be dead.

“I believed this rumour might well be true, if only for the massive stress of waging his senseless and murderous war in Ukraine while busy polishing off his enemies, even in the UK, and chumming up to Xi Jingping and Kim Jong-un and suchlike, though his poker face may well be a symptom of progressive Parkinson's disease – I said we'd soon get clues if he was dead, and we've now got these clues.”

The claims that Putin is dead are unverified and have been denied three times by the Kremlin.

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