Plane passenger forcibly performed oral sex before shes thrown off to cheers

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    A woman has been arrested after allegedly performing forced oral sex on a man on a plane.

    The flight from Antalya in Turkey to Moscow's Vnukovo airport, in Russia, hit turbulence when one of its passengers, Valeria, 29, made efforts to commit the unwanted sex act. Russian news outlets have dubbed the incident “violent acts of a sexual nature.”

    Police who boarded the plane when it landed in Moscow were met by claps and cheers from passengers. Chaotic scenes had erupted on the five-hour flight, operated by Russian carrier Pobeda Airlines, which saw the man initially try and resist her advances, according to witnesses.

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    They had been sitting in economy class aboard the Pobeda Airlines-operated Boeing 737-800 when, as described by Russian news outlet “A female passenger went on a rampage and [orally] raped her [male] neighbour”.

    This was not the only disturbance she allegedly caused, however. She is accused of smoking an e-cigarette, pouring hot water on the floor, trying to bribe crew with a $100 note (£80) to keep her actions hushed and even scratching at them, based on eyewitness accounts. When a steward eventually threw that note in the bin, the woman is then said to have begun trawling through it, throwing the detritus on the floor. reported: “She pulled down his trousers and committed violent acts of a sexual nature. Later the neighbour stopped resisting. All this happened in front of the flight attendants and other passengers.”

    In a remarkable twist, Shot media reported: “Surprisingly, the flight attendants waited until the end of the action and only then moved Valeria further away. The woman fought back and did not want to leave her newly-made companion.”

    She is said to have been “intoxicated” when she got on the plane in Turkey. It is understood she has since told BAZA media: “'Everything was fine… I had a good time on the plane. Well, that's a little more than that,” she added, before claiming she was fined just 500 roubles, roughly the equivalent of £4.40.

    No comment has been made by police at the time of writing. When she was escorted off she is said to have said to the cop: “'I won't go anywhere with a sucker like you.”

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