Newlyweds flee lavish wedding without paying £5k bill – then leave the country

A newlywed couple made off from their lavish Italian wedding without paying nearly £5,000 from their restaurant bill.

They were married at the end of August in a fancy venue in Frosinone, southeast of Rome. After the service they and their 80 guests enjoyed a banquet at the venue's restaurant.

Enzo Fabrizi, owner of the La Rotonda restaurant, was horrified to discover they had made off. Not only leaving the venue but also the country.

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The couple – a 25-year-old German woman and a 40-year-old local – are now being tracked by police. Fabrizi told Corriere Della Sera they only paid the €3,300 (£2,860) deposit from a bill totalling €8,800 (£7,630) – leaving him €5,500 (£4,770) out of pocket.

It had been agreed that the groom would pay the final bill on the day after the wedding, but he did not. A final deadline was set for the Wednesday after the wedding, and when that passed they were nowhere to be seen. Fabrizi also managed to track down the groom's parents, but has had no response from them either.

A visit to their address confirmed they had not been heard from since the day of the wedding. They are believed to have fled to Germany.

He told Corriere Della Sera: "Both he and she refuse my calls. They never respond to messages. But I think that today they also changed the phone card, because once the number is dialled, the line immediately disconnects.

"It has never happened in many years of business, at most someone was late but it had never happened that the spouses disappeared without having paid the bill for the wedding banquet."

The restaurateur vowed "I will not give him peace" until the groom coughs up the cash. He has also involved the police, and the groom is wanted for fraudulent insolvency.

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