Manhunt as fella with AR-15 attack rifle kills 22 in bowling alley rampage

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    A huge manhunt is underway for a firearms expert and army reservist believed to be responsible for gunning down dozens of people at a bowling alley and a restaurant.

    At least 22 people were killed and 60 injured when someone, believed to be Robert Card, 40, opened fire in Lewiston, Maine, last night (Wednesday, October 25). Card was allegedly armed with an AR 15-style rifle with a laser optic when he burst into the bowling alley at 7.15pm local time to begin his rampage.

    Mike Sauschuck, a police spokesperson in Lewiston, said the suspect is "considered armed and dangerous". He added: "If people see him they should not approach him in any way."

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    The suspect's car was discovered in nearby Lisbon but Card was not inside it.

    Lewiston city officials confirmed 22 people have died so far but the death toll could rise. Local councillor Robert McCarthy added that 60 people have been injured and Maine's hospitals said they were declaring a mass casualty event.

    It is the largest mass shooting in the US this year. The two confirmed locations were Sparetime bowling alley and Schemengee's bar and grill.

    Card's sister-in-law told The Daily Beast the family was in shock.

    "I am with police right now and my children [are] terrified and shaken, so I do not have a comment on anything right now," she said.

    Several schools in the area were closed as a result of the manhunt, with school officials warning everyone to "shelter in place".

    A Lewiston Public Schools official said: "There remains a lot of unknowns at this time. Information moves quickly but not always accurately. Please continue to shelter in place or get to safety. We will continue to update you with information and next steps as appropriate.

    "Stay close to your loved ones. Embrace them. Our prayers go out to those who lost someone tonight. Our prayers go out to all those working to stop further loss of life."

    And Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque confirmed that witnesses to the massacre were of "all ages", and that the situation was now "all hands on deck" to try and find the alleged gunman.

    Confirming that many of those who saw the events unformed hear a "couple of pops", it wasn't until people started "seeing everybody scream and move" that the reality of the situation became clear.

    Locals have been told to email [email protected] or send a Facebook message to the Androscoggin County Sherrif's Office if they spot the gunman.

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