Man sues hospital for £500m after being forced to watch wifes C-section

Bodycam footage shows aftermath of a vegetative patient giving birth

An Australian man tried to sue a hospital for more than £500 million after claiming he was forced to watch his wife’s C-section and suffered a “psychotic illness” as a result.

Business Insider is reporting that the lawsuit came courtesy of Anil Koppula, whose wife gave birth at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne back in 2018.

The C-section went well, and both mother and baby were fine.

Unfortunately, Koppula claimed he was not.

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According to court documents, Koppula claimed he was “encouraged” and “forced” to watch his wife give birth, which resulted in him seeing his wife’s organs and blood.

Seeing this caused him to suffer what he called a “psychotic illness,” and sued the hospital for $1billion Australian, or the equivalent of $643million USD.

And this psychotic illness caused “the breakdown of his marriage,” according to the lawsuit.

An Australian court, however, wasn’t buying it.

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Koppula underwent a series of psychological evaluations, and the court determined that his alleged “psychotic illness” did not meet the threshold level to allow the court to rule in his favor.

According to Australian law, damages for non-economic losses (such as those with claims of psychological damage, rather than damage to property or person) require a high threshold that demonstrates that the loss is “significant,” which this suit did not do.

Justice James Gorton dismissed the suit on Tuesday (September 12).

In his ruling, Gorton called the lawsuit an “abuse of the process.”

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