Israel totally wipes out Hamas terrorists with terrifying new weapon

Israeli Air Force release footage of mortar bomb being used

Israeli forces have released footage of their devastating “Iron Sting” weapon system in action as it took out a rocket launcher.

The weapon was used for the first time on Sunday as Israel seeks to “destroy Hamas” after the terror group killed 1,400 Israeli civilians during their October 7 attack.

The Iron Sting has been described as an “innovative and accurate mortar bomb” and is one of many weapons the Israelis have turned to in their bid to take out Hamas.

Posting on the Israeli Air Force X (formerly Twitter) page, the country’s forces released footage of the 120mm mortar hitting a rocket launcher.

Elbit Systems, the company that developed the system, said in a 2021 press release that the weapon uses a “precise, laser and GPS guided mortar munition” to engage targets in dense, urban environments while “reducing the possibility of collateral damage and preventing injury to non-combatants.”

The company added: “Its operational use will revolutionize ground warfare and equip battalions with organic, accurate, and effective firepower.”

In response to Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel, the country has heavily bombarded Gaza.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza says that more than 5,000 people have been killed by Israeli strikes.

In recent days, it has been widely anticipated that Israel is to launch a ground invasion into Gaza.

Israel’s military said on Monday that ground forces mounted limited raids into the Gaza Strip overnight to fight Palestinian gunmen.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari also said that his forces have carried out strikes to eliminate 20 Hezbollah cells in southern Lebanon.

An Israeli soldier was killed while taking part in the ground raid into Gaza while another was “moderately injured” and two were “lightly injured”, the Israeli military has said.

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Hamas’s armed wing, the al Qassam Brigades, released a statement saying: “Fighters engaged with the infiltrating force, destroying two bulldozers and a tank and forced the Israeli forces to withdraw before they returned safely to base.”

The IDF has also raised the number of people they believe Hamas has as hostages from 199 to 222.

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