Insane firefight between Russian and Ukrainian troops captured on video

Intense combat footage has emerged that purports to show Brazilians fighting for Ukraine engaging Russian forces in an intense firefight.

The unverified and undated footage shared on social media was said to be of fighters from Ukraine’s Foreign Legion attempting to storm a building held by the Russians.

The first-person video shows several soldiers in a wooded area as gunfire erupts around them – a building in the distance appears to be the source of the incoming fire.

One soldier then pulls out a rocket launcher before firing a round into the window of the building.

Claims on social media say the video was filmed in the east of the country, although it’s unconfirmed where and when the footage was taken.

The footage comes amid heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine that has seen Russia gain some ground at a devastating cost.

Much of the fighting has been centred around the Donetsk town of Avdiivka where Moscow has been sending wave after wave of soldiers to slaughter.

The UK Ministry of Defense said in an update on X: “In recent days, Russian forces have made further small advances on the northern axis of a pincer movement as part of their attempt to surround the Donbas town of Avdiivka.

“Since the start of October 2023, Russian forces have moved the front line forwards up to 2km in this area.

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“Although modest, this advance likely represents one of the greatest Russian gains since spring 2023. It has cost the units involved thousands of casualties.”

Russian forces were attempting to surround Ukrainian troops in that area of the frontline but had so far not succeeded, according to the MoD.

It added: “Although Avdiivka has become a salient or bulge in the Ukrainian front line, Ukraine remains in control of a corridor of territory approximately 7km wide, through which it continues to supply the town.”

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