Inflatable Santa gunned down as owner warns of ‘consequences’ for shooter

A man is absolutely livid after his brand new inflatable Santa was gunned down outside his home in a suspected drive-by shooting.

Donald Nelson, who lives in Kentucky in the United States, had finished getting his house ready for Christmas only days before – having decked out the home with festive knick-knacks including the brand new, giant Santa for outdoors.

Costing him $200, the inflatable was standing proudly in his front garden when his family heard a "small bang" outside. The poor Santa inflatable was found with a large 18-inch bullet hole – as the owner warns there will be "consequences" for the shooter.

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Sitting on his sofa at around 8.15pm with his wife, at first Mr Nelson wasn't too concerned about the incident. It was only when he took a look at their CCTV footage he realised the Santa had been gunned down by someone in a passing vehicle.

The footage – which can be viewed at the top of this page – clearly shows a car turning around in the neighbourhood while the sound of a firearm rings out. Seconds later the now sad looking Santa deflates.

"There are multiple neighbours that have inflatables too, and I mean certainly they could be targeted as well," he told WLEX. "If they've done just one, they'll probably do several."

He said it was lucky nobody was hurt in the incident and that it was by no means a laughing matter. He warned that someone discharging a firearm at someone else's home could have dangerous consequences.

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Mr Nelson said his friendly neighbours had plans to sew Santa up again so he can return to his positio with a new lease of life. And if the shooter does target the area again, he hopes to catch the number plate of the culprit or culprits, who have been reported to his local police department.

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