I found photo of Lucy Letby at my sons christening – I know she did something

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    A woman who says she found a chilling photograph of "clingy" baby killer Lucy Letby at her son's christening has demanded a probe into his death be re-opened.

    Emily Morris, 35, was in the Countess of Chester Hospital with her newborn son Alvin while Letby set about killing seven babies and attempting to murder six others.

    She became the fourth woman in Britain to be handed a whole-life order, meaning she will never be released from prison.

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    But the case is not closed for Emily, who said she described Letby as "clingy" and claims she was brushed off at the time when she raised concerns about her behaviour to the now-infamous hospital.

    Letby was even with Alvin the night before he died in 2013 and Emily claims she reported her anxieties about Letby to the hospital – but says these were ignored.

    And after unearthing a "chilling" picture this week of Alvin with Letby at his christening, Emily has now called for an investigation to be re-opened into his death.

    Police told her back in 2018 there were no suspicious circumstances – but after Letby's murder conviction last month, she said she wants it looked at again.

    Emily, from Deeside, Wales, said: "Alvin died while she [Lucy] was looking after him.

    "That's why we think she did something – Alvin should still be alive.

    "She was very clingy, she constantly wanted to be around the babies.

    "I thought she was kind but you can tell there was something wrong with her."

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    Alvin was born with muscular dystrophy – a condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles – but was making progress.

    Emily said that Alvin's death was a shock to everyone due to the progress he was making.

    Police told Emily in 2018 that they had not found any suspicious circumstances in Alvin's case – but she does not accept that.

    She said: "He was a happy little baby, we found out he died after we walked into the room and they passed Alvin to me and said how he was already dead.

    "He was making progress but then he died in his sleep.

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    "I find it freaky how she could do what she did to babies.

    "All those babies have suffered because of her and they are not being remembered."

    On Thursday, Emily found a picture from Alvin's Christening which shows Lucy helping her put Alvin into his pram.

    Emily said she is "sickened" by the image that went viral.

    She added: "It shocked us. It's really hard, to see a person who has done that to those babies next to you. It makes you sick.

    "You can see she is grabbing his blanket. I have told everybody that she did that and now there's proof. That's proof that she was with him."

    The hospital declined to comment.

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