Hulk Hogans son shows lack of respect to brain damaged victim over DUI arrest

WWE legend Hulk Hogan's son has been blasted for showing a "lack of respect" to the brain damaged victim after a second DUI arrest.

Nick Bollea, the son of infamous wrestler and former movie star Hogan, was sentenced to eight months behind bars for a crash back in August 2007. Passenger and friend John Graziano was left in a vegetative state following the crash.

Now, the Graziano family are hitting out at the Hulkster's son, claiming he has shown a "total lack of respect" for their loved one following a second DUI arrest this week.

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Nick, who is known from his dad's TV show Hogan Knows Best, had been admitted to hospital with minor injuries following the crash, while former U.S. Marine John will spend the rest of his life in full-time medical care.

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John's mother Debra has since spoken out against Hogan's son, saying that 20 years on from the incident, Nick has shown no remorse for his actions with his recent alleged drink driving.

She said there was a "total lack of respect for what (he) did to another person’s life and you’re still driving reckless. I can only pray that at some point in his life, while he still has the chance, that he turns his life around. Until then I hope no one else gets hurt."

Her words, given to TMZ earlier this week, saw Debra add that she was not surprised by the further DUI charge Nick had landed earlier this year.

She added: "I grieve the virtual loss of my son on a daily basis. I thank God daily that at least I have John here with us at home." Nick was arrested in the same city as the crash which changed John's life.

Nick had been arrested earlier this week on a DUI charge after allegedly refusing to take a sobriety test, per police reports from TMZ. It was later revealed he was taken into custody on "suspicion of driving under the influence".

Further details on the incident are yet to be revealed though it comes two decades on from Nick's prior DUI arrest in 2007, when he crashed his yellow Toyota Supra, which had close friend John inside.

John, who had not been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, sustained a brain injury while Nick pleaded no contest to reckless driving, with five years probation from driving added.

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