Huge rats jump out of bin leaving refuse workers horrified of rodent plague

Two bin men were left horrified after they opened a wheelie bin to find a massive family of rats living inside.

A member of the GMB trade union caught the three or four massive rats lept up and down inside the bin and scurried down the side of it. The pests rummaged through the bin bags outside Ferry Road.

According to Glasgow Live, the workers asked their supervisors to contact person control. Claiming that the issue has been getting worse and worse since the pandemic.

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Workers described the West End of Glasgow as the “epicentre” of a modern-day rat plague. However, Glasgow council said the incident was not reported and the correct procedure was not followed.

The refuse collector who discovered the rats in the video did not wish to be named but said: “Yesterday afternoon my colleague and I were emptying the bins close to the West End. We opened the lid up to see what was inside and found a family of about three or four rats jumping about.

“They have chewed the bins so much they can climb into them but can’t get out. I reported this to my line manager who contacted pest control to go and empty the bin.

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“It is getting that bad now that you can see the rats scurrying away into the bin bags or into their nests. Since the pandemic, the number of rats seems to have doubled or tripled even in some places. Because there is more rubbish there are more rats, mice, squirrels and seagulls.

“You have got to keep up with the times to try and clear the rubbish as quickly as you can, as safely as you can and wash your hands where the rat has been in the bin. You can’t tip the bins because of the risk of rat urine and infection.”

Trade union convenor Chris Mitchell is urging the council to listen to its members and help find a solution to the issue once and for all. Mr Mitchell said: “The West End has become no doubt the epicentre of the rat plague and this video goes to show how bad things have become.

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“The council must listen to myself and my members and I would formally request that all parties come out and see what we are dealing with and what can be done to address the situation.”

A spokesman for the council said: “The health and safety of our staff is paramount. We have well-established health and safety procedures in relation to rats and these are well known to staff and trade unions.

“We received no reports from staff in relation to rats at an address in Ferry Road prior to GMB contacting the media. Our pest control team has now visited this address, found evidence of rat activity and has implemented a pest control treatment.

“The issue of rats has not been raised by GMB at any of the recent, routine meetings we have with the trade unions.”

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