Fighter kept ripped off ear in a jar as no rules brawl craze sweeps UK

A bare-knuckle fighter kept his ripped ear in a jar following a bloody encounter in a "no rules" brawl.

The dodgy fights are sweeping the UK with hundreds getting involved, including Alex Etherington, 32, who now keeps his ripped-off ear in a jar. The UK-based "fight club" like experience has attracted some tough and mad nuts.

Etherington, from County Durham, won the fight but lost his ear and has since spoken of his experience in the underground fighting rings.

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Documentarians from Channel 4 are now looking into the scene with some of the 300-strong fights taking place across the country. The documentary, UNTOLD: The Secret World of Fight Clubs, also sees Etherington featured.

Etherington's bout saw him blast the competition in a "no rules, no rounds" battle based off of the Swedish King of the Streets fight club.

Speaking to The Sun, Etherington said: "I felt lucky to get on King Of The Streets. It's quite sought after. I only got on it because my friend vouched for me. It got half a million views on YouTube and I got around 7,000 followers on Instagram overnight. That was heavy for me."

Squaring up to Bachir "Bash" Fakhouri for his fight, Etherington says he had his ear bitten off just 10 seconds into the fight, and it got worse from there.

"He was desperate for a win as he'd come off a few losses. Ten seconds in, he bit my ear off. I didn't know it had come off at first. Blood was trickling down my face," Etherington said. It followed a whiplash injury and some horror injuries elsewhere.

Etherington added: "He wouldn't let go of my hair. I ended up getting whiplash from it. He was going for my eyes." Since the fight, Etherington has kept his ear in a pickled jar on the kitchen shelf.

With no hopes of attaching his ear again, Etherington said: "It's in a jar of alcohol solution. Someone told me how to do it. Itโ€™s in the kitchen on a shelf."

The scrappy battle was eventually stopped by a referee who deemed the "screams" from his opponent were a sign the fight should be ended there and then.

Eye-gouging and scrappy bites are allowed though but are stopped before any serious damage can be caused, according to Etherington.

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