Exact date UK will be battered by ‘frost, wintry showers and deluge’ disclosed

The UK is set to be battered be more rain, wintry showers and frost, new long-term forecasts from the Met Office have revealed.

Having already dealt with two storms – Ciaran and Debi – this month, it now appears that the end of November and the start of December will see more horrific weather coming out way, and it is going to be very, very wet. According to new long term Met Office weather forecasts, from Friday, November 24 to Sunday, December 3, the country will be split in two when it comes to weather, with the northern half getting the rough end of the weather stick.

The forecast states: “Southern parts of the UK drier than of late, while northern areas, particularly western Scotland, see more in the way of cloud, rain and wind. Within this overall pattern, there may well be incursions of colder air at times, especially across north and north east of the UK, with wintry showers and overnight frost.

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“It's uncertain just when such cold spells will occur and how extensive they will be, and it may be that this happens more than once with periods of milder, wetter weather in between. Towards the second weekend, there is a slightly increased chance of more settled conditions becoming established, especially in the south.”

If that wasn't bad enough, the period after this – from December 3 to Sunday, December 17 – is going to be even colder and wetter.

The Met Office predicts that we are set to be battered by “above average rainfall” and more cold weather . . . and frost. This could turn the deluge of rain into ice, leaving car drivers and public transport users facing widespread chaos.

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The Met Office states: “The most likely scenario through early December is for a continuation of changeable weather, with spells of rain or showers and strong winds interspersed by short-lived drier, brighter periods, although there is a lower chance of more prolonged settled conditions developing.

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“Rainfall amounts are likely to be near or above average, with the heaviest rain likely to be in the northwest at first, perhaps shifting further south towards mid-December. Temperatures will most likely be near or a little above average for the period as a whole, although some colder interludes are possible. As is normal in December, occasional frost and wintry showers are likely at times.”

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