Devastating Hamas rocket attack destroys Israeli children’s hospital

Hamas gunmen calmly raid family fridge after shooting pet dog

A rocket has struck an Israeli hospital’s child and development centre in the southern city of Ashkelon where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched fresh attacks today. 

Shocking video from the city purportedly showed the Child Development wing of the Barzilai Medical Centre struck by a rocket, destroying part of the building. 

A spokeswoman for the centre said: “The child development centre at the Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon suffered a direct hit by a projectile from Gaza.”

Deputy Director Dr. Gili Givati told Israeli public radio: “The development centre was completely destroyed.”

At least one rocket also struck a supermarket during the attack. Pictures from the scene show blown out windows and destroyed vehicles as a result. 

Residents in southern Israel were sheltering throughout the day as air raid sirens blared during multiple attacks. Although Israel’s Iron Dome system typically destroys many of the rockets, it can be overwhelmed by the sheer number fired. 

Israel has responded to the continued attacks on its soil by launching hundreds of airstrikes on Gaza. Bombs have leveled whole buildings that Tel Aviv says are linked to Hamas.  

Gaza has also been put under a “complete siege” with Israel blocking food, water and fuel to the enclave of around 2.2 million people. 

Israeli tanks and other armored vehicles have massed along the country’s border with Gaza in what appears to be preparation for a massive ground offensive involving up to 300,000 reservists. 

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The strikes in the south of Israel come amid reports of a massive drone incursion on the country’s northern border with Lebanon. 

The IDF warned of a “suspected infiltration” into Israeli airspace via Lebanon while Hezbollah and Israel have been exchanging fire, sparking fears of a wider conflict in the region.

Israeli media claimed that dozens of drones were launched across the northern border at Israeli civilian infrastructure.

While it’s unclear which group is behind that attack, Hezbollah is far more well-equipped than Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad and has used drones extensively in the past. 

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