British volunteer in Ukraine feared to have been killed by a fellow Briton

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A British soldier who volunteered to fight for Ukraine might have been killed by another Briton, investigators are claiming.

Jordan Chadwick, 31, was discovered dead in a body of water, in June, with his hands bound behind his back.

The former member of the Scots Guards, had been serving in a shadowy military unit known as “50/50”, which is affiliated with Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence.

His death sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community of international volunteers aiding Ukraine’s defence efforts.

But disturbing details from Chadwick’s comrades suggest another British fighter has emerged as the prime suspect in the murder.

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According to reports, Chadwick, who was from Burnley, is believed to have been subjected to waterboarding, a method of torture involving simulated drowning.

However, the analysis of water in his lungs indicates that it did not match the location where his body was discovered, which was approximately 20 miles from the Bakhmut front line in Kramatorsk.

Chadwick’s remains were repatriated to the United Kingdom last month and an inquest is scheduled to take place next year to consider the circumstances surrounding his death.

An investigation into the case is being carried out by Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation, an agency with jurisdiction over war crimes.

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Ukrainian authorities have also discovered the body of another British individual believed to be Daniel Burke, aged 36.

Burke, a former paratrooper from Manchester, went missing just last month, leaving a trail of uncertainty in his wake.

Preliminary findings suggest he may have met a gruesome end, as he is believed to have been shot and buried in a shallow grave located outside Zaporizhzhia.

The last person known to have seen him was an Australian-Lebanese fighter named Nourine Abdulfetah, who law enforcement officials have identified as a suspect in the case.

Burkeโ€™s dad Kevin, 62, said: “We want to see the accused face his day in court.”

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