'Forget Blue Lagoon!' Traveller visits scenic Icelandic spa

‘Forget Blue Lagoon!’ Traveller visits picturesque Icelandic spa surrounded by trees ‘which no one talks about’

A travel vlogger says to ‘forget Blue Lagoon’ and visit another picturesque Icelandic spa she insists ‘no one talks about’. 

Em Sheldon documented her visit to Skogarboo, known as the ‘Forest Lagoon’, located near the town of Akureyri. 

In a video on her TikTok account, the travel vlogger said: ‘Everyone goes to Iceland and talks about going to Blue Lagoon and I have to say I have never heard anyone talk about this spa’.

‘You’re essentially just tucked in a little forest and it’s just pristine. The water is perfectly warm, thermally heated and it really feels like you’re in nature’. 

She added that the luxurious facilities also included a plunge pool, an ‘insane’ sauna, a hot tub and Icelandic water available to drink if you are bathing in the heated springs. 

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Posting a video to her account on TikTok , Em Sheldon documented her visit to Skogarboo, known as the ‘Forest Lagoon’, located near the town of Akureyri in northern Iceland

Summing up her time at Forest Lagoon, Ms Sheldon said: ‘This is bucket list must-do. It was so special and no-one is talking about it’. 

Her video, which has been viewed more than 250,000 times, has been met with positivity by users who have stayed at Forest Lagoon themselves. 

One user wrote: ‘Went last year. Forest Lagoon is SO BEAUTIFUL’.  A second commented: ‘We went there to watch the Auroras and it was stunning!’ Another posted: ‘I was here in March – so stunning!!! Loved how quiet it was’. 

Opening in April 2022, Forest Lagoon is surrounded by trees, which is rare for anywhere in Iceland, as just three per cent of the country’s landmass is categorised as woodland. 

You can also witness the spectacular Northern Lights from the pool’s waters.

The pool – in the town of Akureyri, northern Iceland – is connected to walking trails in the trees, so that you can enjoy the serene surroundings before or after a dip in its naturally warm waters

When you fancy taking a relaxing soak, you are spoilt for choice between the forest lagoon (which is naturally kept at balmy temperatures of 39C to 42C), an infinity-edge oasis, a cold plunge pool and a sauna. 

As well as being a blissful offering for anyone visiting Iceland, Skogarboo was built with sustainability front and centre of the project.  

All the building materials were chosen to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsibly sourced, with no chemicals added to the water.

Plus, all cleaning materials are eco-friendly, and on-site shampoos and soaps are organic.

The Skogarboo project began by accident in 2015, when the nearby construction of the new Vaolaheioi mountain tunnel hit a geothermal water source.

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