Britons reveal the 25 things they hate most about winter

Dark mornings, having a cold face and trying to unlock your phone with your gloves on: Britons rank the 25 things they HATE most about winter

  • A new study endeavoured to find out ‘the worst things about winter in Britain’
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Winter can be a romantic time in Britain – picture crackling fires and walks in frost-dusted countryside.

But there is plenty to hate about the colder months, as a recent poll has uncovered.

The survey sought to discover ‘the worst things about winter in Britain’ – according to Britons. And ‘dark mornings’ was revealed as the biggest winter grumble, topping the 25-place ranking with 49 per cent of the vote.

‘Slipping on ice’ earned the silver medal at 44 per cent while the bronze went to ‘having a cold face’, with 41 per cent.

Other common winter whines were ‘having a runny nose’ (fourth, 38 per cent); ‘heating costs’ (fifth, 34 per cent); and ‘defrosting the car’ in joint sixth with ‘cold hands’ (32 per cent).

‘Dark mornings’ was revealed as the thing Britons hate most about winter in a recent survey

Britons are creatures of comfort when the temperature drops and the nights draw in, the survey suggests.

That’s because many said they hated getting out of a warm bed in the morning to a cold house (seventh, 31 per cent). 

This was followed in the ranking by chapped lips (eighth, 25 per cent); sweating under multiple layers (ninth, 24 per cent); and having wet feet (tenth, 23 per cent).

The all-too-common feeling of your umbrella blowing inside out was another winter peeve (11th, 22 per cent) as was trying to unlock a phone with gloves on.

This tied in 14th place with broken boilers and suffering vitamin D deficiency (17 per cent).

And one in six Britons (16 per cent) said they loathed winter travel disruptions, which came joint 15th with having heating wars with colleagues over the office temperature. 

While one in ten (10 per cent) said they hated having fogged up glasses, flat car batteries or texts asking ‘is it snowing where you are?’ – all in joint 18th.

Many said they hated getting out of a warm bed in the morning when the house was cold (seventh)

‘Slipping on ice’ earned the silver medal, with 44 per cent of the vote

The study of 2,000 Britons, commissioned by the Post Office, also revealed the nation’s sentiments about winter as a whole.

A total of 81 per cent of voters said they hated the season.

While more than half (56 per cent) went so far as to say that it was one of the worst things about living in Britain.

Almost nine in 10 said they’d considered seeking out winter sun between November and February.


Canary Islands (43 per cent); Maldives (36 per cent); Barbados (31 per cent); Dubai (28 per cent) and Miami (27 per cent) were the most popular destinations from the poll.

But despite the nation’s desire to jet off during winter, the survey revealed people were more likely to forget travel insurance for winter sun trips than summer.

Say it ain’t snow: ‘Defrosting the car’ was in joint sixth place

The all-too-common occurrence of your umbrella blowing inside out was highlighted as a common winter peeve

For those who had a policy, one in six said they had no idea what it covers.

And for those who didn’t get cover, 24 per cent said it was because it’s too expensive and 15 per cent said they were happy to take their chances and save the cash.

Yet, it emerged that more than one in seven have had something happen on holiday only to discover they weren’t covered by travel insurance.

The Post Office is calling on winter sun jet setters to ‘make sure they have travel insurance cover and to read their policies carefully to avoid unnecessary expenses, which could be extremely costly’.

Paul Paddock, Head of Travel and Protection at the Post Office, added: ‘The winter weather may cause flight cancellations, so do consider trip disruption cover. Or if you’re planning to take Christmas presents with you, explore gadget cover and the baggage cover limits.

‘There are also family travel insurance options if it’s a treat away for everyone – or specific travel insurance packages for a cruise trip if this is your holiday of choice. 

‘Not everything is included as standard, so do check the terms and conditions.’


1. Dark mornings – 49 per cent

2. Slipping on ice – 44 per cent

3. Having a cold face – 41 per cent

4. Having a runny nose – 38 per cent

5. Heating costs – 34 per cent

6= Defrosting the car – 32 per cent

6= Cold hands – 32 per cent

7. Getting out of a warm bed in the morning to a cold house – 31 per cent

8. Chapped lips – 25 per cent

9. Sweating under multiple layers – 24 per cent

10. Wet feet – 23 per cent

11. Your umbrella blowing inside out – 22 per cent

12. Dry hands – 21 per cent 

13. Gloomy skies – 20 per cent

14= Trying to unlock your phone with gloves on – 17 per cent

14= Broken boilers – 17 per cent

14= Vitamin D deficiency – 17 per cent

15= Travel disruptions – 16 per cent

15= Heating wars with colleagues – 16 per cent

16. Seasonal Affective Disorder – 14 per cent

17. Stuffy indoor air – 11 per cent

18= Steamy glasses – 10 per cent

18= Flat car batteries – 10 per cent

18= Constant ‘is it snowing where you are?’ texts– 10 per cent

19. Poor home insulation – 9 per cent

Source: The Post Office

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