Britain’s ‘most haunted’ castle makes visitors ‘truly’ believe in ghosts

Northumberland: TikToker gets tour of ‘haunted’ Chillingham Castle

Britain is a wonderful country with many historic and quirky castles to visit, but have you ever wondered which one is considered the most haunted?

Chillingham Castle is located in the village of Chillingham, Northumberland and has taken the crown as the ‘scariest’ castle in both the UK and Ireland according to visitor reviews.

Researchers at Tombola analysed reviews from 43 castles considered the most haunted in both Britain and Ireland. They quickly discovered reviews from Chillingham Castle are more likely to mention the words ‘scary’, spooky’ and ‘ghost’ than any other castle open to the public.

Tombola said: “This Northumberland castle is famous for its ghostly goings on, with 255 reviews mentioning the word ‘ghost’, from stories of a Pantry Ghost, who begs visitors for water, to men’s voices singing in the chapel, there is plenty of paranormal activity on offer for this Halloween.”

According to its website. Chillingham Castle has some of the “highest levels of paranormal activity” in the UK, but this 13th-century castle is also a beautiful place to visit for anyone interested in the late medieval and Tudor history as well as anyone who wishes to have the ultimate afternoon tea in front as a massive roaring medieval fireplace.

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Why visit Chillingham Castle? 

This beautiful medieval castle features a massive great hall, a minstrels’ hall, a medieval courtyard, an armoury complete with historic armour and weapons and a dungeon which features a torture chamber, filled will an Iron Maiden, thumb screws and an execution block.

There is also a beautiful Italian-inspired garden which features 18th-century statues and a jousting medieval grandstand. There is also a Woodland Walk on the ground in which visitors explore as well as nearby lakes and rivers. Local wildlife which can often be spotted includes deer, rabbits and badgers.

However, one thing that makes Chillingham Castle it one of the only places in the world that has wild cattle heards which visitors can view as long as they as accompanied by a warden. These remarkable animals are untamed and were once thought to be sacred to pre-Christain pagans, plus have a rich history tied to the castle.

Not only can you visit, but you can spend the night in the castle in eight different locations which have been turned into cosy rooms for guests. You can stay in a castle tower overlooking the courtyard or sleep in the guard bedroom in which a relief watchman would have slept.

In reviews online, one user described Chillingham Castle as “the best castle I’ve ever been to” due to the beautiful gardens and rich history. Another reviewer wrote: “This is the sixth time I’ve stayed here and it just seems to get better. Of all the places I’ve stayed across the world none beats this place for serenity, atmosphere and history, all encased in wonderful eccentricity.”

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What to do for Halloween at Chillingham Castle

Anyone who enjoys a good scare should prioritise travelling to Chillingham Castle for its many ghosts, as visitors have reported having their hair pulled, hearing voices and even seeing ghosts wandering around the castle halls.

The most famous ghost at Chillingham is the Grey Lady, who is thought to be Lady Mary Berkeley. This tragic historical figure was abandoned by her husband who ran off with her sister, leaving her alone in the castle with her daughter and some say she is still waiting for him to return to this day.

Another ghost who has been spotted is the Blue Boy who is thought to haunt a bedroom in Chillingha Castle after bones and blue fabric were found walled up in the castle during renovation of the castle in the 20th century.

Other ghosts include the White Lady, a food poisoning victim who has been spotted in the kitchen pantry begging passersby for water, and there is also John Dragfoot, thought to be a sadistic torturer during the reign of King Edward I who has been spotted in the dungeons.

There ghost tour of Chillingham Castle runs a few times a week in the autumn until Halloween, but it has been warned that the Chillingham Castle Ghost Tour is not for the faint-hearted. It has been reported that visitors have had to leave due to being spooked while exploring the castle at night and walking the Devil’s Walk, a pathway on the castle grounds near where witches were hanged from trees.

However, anyone brave enough to go on this tour will delve in both the paranormal and rich history of this beautiful castle. One amazed visitor has said that their trip of Chillingham Castle has made them a believer in the supernatural.

They wrote: “The ghost tour was Fantastic! I was always sceptical and didn’t know what to expect beforehand. But now I can truly say that I 100 percent do believe in ghosts. From the noises of groans, growls and breathing, to a cup slammed on the table, that feeling of paranormal activity was just utterly brilliant!”

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