Top Labour MP claims Nigel Farage is now ‘calling the shots’ in the Tory Party

Jonathan Ashworth says Farage is calling the shots in the Tory Party

Senior Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth gave a rabble rousing speech this afternoon to formally close the party’s Liverpool conference, ruthlessly tearing into the Tories’ recent gathering in Manchester.

Mr Ashworth, sometimes referred to as Labour’s minister for the Today Programme, reviewed Tory conference, joking that Penny Mordaunt had told them to “stand up and fight”.

“Well no one stood up, but they did fight each other.”

He accused Priti Patel of “skipping the light fandango with Nigel Farage”, saying the politician-turned-GB News presenter was “waltzing his way back into the Tory Party and Sunak is too weak to stop him”.

The shadow cabinet minister later claimed Nigel Farage, along with Liz Truss, Suella Braverman and Jacob Rees-Mogg, is now “calling the shots” in the Tory party.

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In a catchphrase expected to be trotted out by Labour at the next election, he rallied: “Vote Sunak, get Truss – that’s the fifth Tory term we have to stop”.

Opening his speech, Mr Ashworth said he is sometimes called “Jonny Sparkle”.

Referencing yesterday’s now-infamous glitter attack on Sir Keir Starmer, he joked: “I’m not quite sure whether I’m ready to give up that mantle, though I am a loyal member of the shadow cabinet”.

“But I can speak with some qualification and authority in saying: Didn’t Keir sparkle yesterday, and he’s given Labour its sparkle back.”

“With Keir we’ll give Britain not just its sparkle but its future back too!”

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Following the surprise protest during Sir Keir Starmer’s speech, Labour HQ unveiled a new line of £20 t-shirts reading “Sparkle with Starmer”.

Nigel Farage made his first appearance at Tory conference this year for many decades, taking the gathering by storm.

He drew lots of media attached throughout the week, as well as dragging Rishi Sunak into a debate about whether he could be allowed to rejoin the party.

The PM left the door open, though party chairman Greg Hands said he wouldn’t welcome Mr Farage as a member after such a long career trying to take down the Tories.

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg suggested the Conservative Party should welcome him with open arms.

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