Lee Anderson slaps down Brexit-hating Remoaner Femi in heated spat

Lee Anderson slapped down Remainer Femi Oluwole in a heated Twitter exchange this morning.

The Conservative Party chairman, 56, asked if the anti-Brexit activist had “got a job” in a brutal clap back on the social media platform after being called out.

Mr Anderson had taken to Twitter – now known as X – following a post from Labour Lord John Mann criticising MP Brendan Clarke-Smith.

Lord Mann criticised the “thick” MP for Bassetlaw in a post blasting him for claiming credit for a local children’s ward campaign.

The Ashfield MP took issue with his tweet but was drawn up by Mr Oluwole for his statement about “pathetic dog whistle and divisive politics”.

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Lord Mann started the debate when he called out Mr Clarke-Smith for claiming credit due to “15,000 local people”, saying the MP was living in “Rumania” at the time of the campaign.

Catching his mistake, Mr Anderson noted the “irony” of Lord Mann calling his colleague “thick” before going on to “spell ‘Romania’ incorrectly”.

He concluded his tweet by saying: “This pathetic dog whistle and divisive politics is typical of the current Labour Party.”

Mr Oluwole replied with a video showing an interview given by Mr Anderson to the New Culture Forum, a YouTube channel founded by ex-Ukip deputy Peter Whittle.

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In the interview, Mr Anderson said the Conservatives may need to fixate on culture war topics ahead of the next election, and he floated a “cult mixture of culture wars and trans debate”.

Mr Oluwole branded the interview “pathetic dog whistle and divisive politics” in his reply.

In response, Mr Anderson asked whether the Remainer had “got a job yet”.

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But his reply didn’t go down quite as smoothly as he may have wanted, with other X users eagerly poking fun at him.

One user replied, saying: “Hey Siri, remind me about this tweet after the next General Election.”

And Mr Oluwole responded with a put-down of his own, noting that current polling results suggest Mr Anderson is on track to lose his Ashfield seat – once a Labour safe haven – in 2024.

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