Brexit win: Swiss manufacturing giant pledges its long-term future in the UK

Britain has been handed another massive Brexit boost after a Swiss manufacturing giant pledged its long-term future here.
Bruderer – one of the world’s most respected precision manufacturing companies – is poised to start work on a new UK headquarters.

Fittingly, it will be built in Telford, Shropshire, home of the Industrial Revolution, and from where Britain gained a centuries-long global reputation as a land that produced highly-skilled and efficient workers.

In plans revealed exclusively by the Daily Express for the first time on Thursday, Bruderer has committed to the UK for the next half-century.

Chairman Andreas Fischer said: “Shropshire is seen across the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution and, today in 2023, still offers proximity to a lot of existing and new customers. I believe this move gives us the foundations to grow and plan for the next 55-years in the UK.”

The seal of approval for a country brimming with manufacturing confidence and technical expertise from one also outside the EU is a massive endorsement.

Bruderer is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-speed presses and will start work this month on a new 48,000 sq ft factory and showroom. It is set to open next year.

Its “significant investment” in the site on Hortonwood, just a stone’s throw away from the home of the industrial revolution, is particularly poignant.

Nearby, in 1709, the Coalbrookdale iron foundry was founded from where Britain’s golden age began. Major innovations in smelting resulted in the production of cheaper, but better quality iron, much faster than had before been possible.

The revolution – arguably the most important period in modern history – witnessed the change from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by thriving industry and machine manufacturing. The changes introduced novel ways of working and living and fundamentally transformed society.

Bruderer’s site will create new jobs and an apprenticeship programme to cater for an expected demand for its technology as it helps shape a new generation of eager and high-skilled workers.

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Adrian Haller, Managing Director of Bruderer UK, said: “We have been planning this investment for a number of years and I’m delighted our parent company has recognised the potential in the UK and agreed to build our new factory and showroom.

“The UK was the first subsidiary outside of our Switzerland home some 55-years ago and we still remain a strong base for Bruderer presses, with seven domestic companies investing in new machines in the last nine months alone.

“Hortonwood gave us not only the perfect location, but also the space to build our new factory from the ground up.”

Bruderer is a market leader in high-precision technology in the metal stamping and forming industry. Engineers are in the middle of their busiest period for more than a decade.

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In a ringing endorsement that will take the wind out of the sails of Brexit naysayers and gloom merchants, Mr Haller said:

“There’s a real resurgence taking place and we need to talk about it more…orders are up, investment is up, and industry is desperately crying out for more workers.

“UK industry is bouncing back from the shackles of the pandemic. We tend to be a good barometer for the health of the sector and, while our refurbishment and repair work has always been strong, this is definitely our biggest year for a long time for new machine installs.

“All of this is being achieved against a backdrop of rising energy prices and inflation. There’s also a big challenge around recruitment and attracting young people and mature workers back into industry – a challenge that is being exacerbated by the service sector hiking up salaries.”

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