A Walk Around the Lake During the Pandemic Was Poetry to Their Ears

Aria Aber and Noah Robert Warren, both poets and published authors, were familiar with each otherโ€™s work and had connected on social media long before they met in person. Their first substantive interaction was virtual. In late 2020, Mr. Warren had invited Ms. Aber, a writing fellow at Stanford, to share her work for a poetry reading series that he […]

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Everyone Thought He Had Made the Famous Gown. It Was His Wife.

It is one of those ironies rarely discussed in the fashion industry โ€” a world focused, largely, on catering to (or exploiting, depending on how you look at it) the dreams and identity of women โ€” is run mostly by men. Men run the biggest luxury groups; men make up the largest percentage of the chief executives; and for years […]

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Dinner With Huma Abedin and a Bit of Texas in the Hamptons

โ€œIโ€™m back trying red,โ€ Huma Abedin shared, talking about her look and lipstick, which has been the subject of many takes. The author and longtime aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was wearing a bright yellow floral sheath dress from One/Of by Patricia Voto, and standing next to the pool at a private home on Wednesday in Sagaponack, […]

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