Zero complaints with my MG ZS EV so far: 5th service & 30,000 km update

The service quality has been consistent across all the 5 services and I hope it continues.

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Update: 30,000 km completed and 5th Service:

Lightfury completed 30,000 km over the weekend during our last long drive. Since the last update, I have done two long drives of over 700kms. This included a drive to Chennai and a drive to Sriharikota. Both these long drives were covered with ease and with good efficiency.

Drive to Chennai:

This was a work trip, the drive from Bangalore to Chennai took 6 hours including a 40min breakfast stop. The ongoing road works slowed us down quite a bit post Vellore. I didnโ€™t need to charge in between. I got the best efficiency on this drive covering 340Kms with 30% SOC left. This is with full AC and in normal mode. I charged up the hotel I stayed in Chennai and started the return drive with 95% SOC and charged up near Vellore at Zeon charger for 20 mins. This was sufficient to reach home with 19% SOC remaining. Average speed hovered around 55-56Kmph for the entire trip.

Drive to Sriharikota:

Planned a drive to witness the Aditya L1 launch. Due to paucity of time, we could only leave on Friday night to reach Tirupati early in the morning for a quick break before heading towards Sriharikota.

Drive to Tirupati took 4hrs 35 mins with a quick 5 mins break to stretch the legs. Charged the car at Relux charger in Tirupati. This was sufficient for our drive to Sriharikota and back to Tirupati. For the return leg, I used the Tata power charger at Taj Tirupati before the drive back home. Return drive from Tirupati to Bangalore took 4hr 45mins, this included 10 mins coffee break and couple of 5 mins break at the tolls. I was able to average 53Kmph for the entire trip of over 700kms. The odo ticked over the 30K kms mark during the return leg.

5th Service update:

Completed the 30000Kms/5th service today. Since this service is covered under AMC, the cost of the service was zero.

Tried the newly opened MG service centre on Mysore Road, and though itโ€™s quite far from my residence, I was able to get an early service slot here while I would have had to wait until next week at the Electronic City service centre.

Service quality is on expected lines with good attention to detail and no push for unnecessary work. I was in and out in 5 hours. The service quality has been consistent across all the 5 services and I hope it continues.

Also received a cushion cum blanket as a gift as part of MG’s 100-year celebration.

The car has been performing well with zero rattles and complaints.

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