Simple Energy contacting customers to cancel their pre-bookings

Simple Energy has delivered merely 40 units of the One e-scooter until August.

Simple Energy is reaching out to customers to cancel their pre-bookings for the Simple One electric scooter.

Through an email exchange with a customer, the Bangalore-based start-up has clarified that its team has been reaching out to all customers via telephone to create awareness among them about “the recent fraudulent happening forging Simpleenergy Private Limited”.

The email also mentions that a refund would be initiated for all customers who have pre-booked the e-scooter. However, the EV maker does promise priority delivery to those who have pre-booked, once an experience centre is set up in their city.

Since these reports came out, Simple Energy has released an official statement:

“It has come to our attention that certain customers have received emails urging them to cancel their pre-bookings with Simple Energy. We understand the concern and wish to clarify the situation to alleviate any doubts or uncertainties. These emails were specifically sent to select customers residing in cities where fraudulent activities were detected, posing a potential risk to our company’s reputation. This proactive measure was taken to safeguard our customers and offer them the option of a refund, should they wish to reconsider their pre-bookings.”

Simple Energy announced that deliveries of the One e-scooter could begin in June 2023. However, the company has delivered merely 40 units until August. Since then, not a single scooter has been delivered.

Simple Energy in its response said, “Regarding zero deliveries, it’s important to note that this was attributed to a comprehensive pilot program aimed at evaluating real-world scenarios and potential user-related challenges. Such assessments are a standard practice to ensure the utmost quality and customer satisfaction. We are pleased to inform you that following the successful conclusion of our assessment phase, Simple Energy is now positioned favourably. As a result, we are diligently planning to scale up our operations. Anticipate a significant surge in scooter deliveries by the end of November or early December, signifying our commitment to meeting your expectations.”

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