Checked out the 2023 RE Himalayan 450 in detail: First impressions

The seating position was neutral and comfortable for my 5’10” ish height. The dash was sweet.

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

At the launch of the 650 twins in the Cochin dealership, the motorcycles were placed in such a way that there was enough lighting and space to closely examine the motorcycles, when the polite crowds permitted you to, that is. This time, the Hanle Black motorcycle was lit up by floor level spotlights and there was an active smoke machine right next to it. While this setup is fantastic for taking Instagram photographs, its safe to say that it is not that great for enthusiasts like me who wanted to closely examine the motorcycle. The Kaza brown motorcycle was placed along the glass wall and hence, getting a full look at it was also not easy. A proper walk around examination in broad day light should give me a more nuanced opinion.

Anyways, my impressions in the first 30 seconds were that at the expected prices, the fit and finish levels were fantastic. There were no standout red flags. All the wiring seemed to be carefully tucked away. The under seat storage was neat and well laid out. The seating position was neutral and comfortable for my 5’10” ish height. The dash was sweet. The seat looked massive and felt really comfortable. I couldn’t notice any ugly welds or sore spots. The exhaust is compact and isnt going to foul with your saddle bags or luggage. One thing that really interested me was the design of the radiator guard. On the suspension, firmly pushing down on the Showa front end resulted in a very reaffirming compression and rebound action. The rear felt a little soft for my weight, but it shouldn’t be anything which one or two clicks of preload adjustment cant sort out in 10 seconds.

Initial Impressions – A walk in the park 10 / 10:

Tasty indeed.

The tank design is rather neat.

Very organic design.

Doesnt look like a sub 4 L motorcycle, does it?

For everyone worrying about modern petrol compatibility

The beak design is also nicely done.

Simple fuel cap.

Looks like a proper big capacity motorcycle.

Long and slender tail piece.

Shared LED headlight?

Cue the “Oh, the brake light fell off a new RE bike, aah?” jokes from non RE fans!

15K price difference or not, this Hanle Black will likely be their best seller.

Svelte rear end with a stylish looking and functional saree guard

ย In my books, this is the best viewing angle for the new Himalayan 450

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