All-new 2024 Skoda Superb hatchback confirmed

The twinned Passat might have dropped a saloon body shape, but Skoda will keep a pair of Superb body shapes

Skoda has confirmed that its new Superb family car will be available in a traditional hatchback form as well as the previously previewed estate. This is a change from VW’s decision to offer the closely related new Passat only as an estate, and continues Skoda’s drip-feed of information on its upcoming fourth-generation model. These new images preview the Skoda Superb hatchback’s shape for the first time, and are joined by the first pictures showing off the Superb’s smart new cabin.

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We’ve actually driven the new Superb in estate form where it impressed on many fronts, despite still being a prototype. The car is expected to go on sale in the UK by early 2024 after a full, official reveal this November.


The exterior images we’ve seen so far show the Superb Estate clad in camouflage but we can see evidence of a more three-dimensional grille situated between thinner headlights with new-generation LED technology. Beneath, there’s a new lower grille shape and isolated air intakes at the side. The classic Skoda badge indent from the bonnet to the grille remains, but the clamshell bonnet isn’t as seamlessly integrated due to a more complex headlight shape.

From the side, there’s a generous rear overhang on both the saloon and estate. Meanwhile, a typical razor-sharp crease has appeared on the flanks and towards the rear we see a restrained bumper design. The C-shaped rear light unit is similar to that of the new Fabia, creating a more dynamic light graphic for following traffic at night.

The hatchback will retain its overall proportion set in comparison to the existing model, with a long and heavily raked rear screen. Despite a relatively short space between the front wheels and the windscreen, the Superb’s clamshell bonnet helps balance out its silhouette, just as the previous model’s did.

Interior and tech

There are big changes inside, with Skoda’s latest images showing us the dashboard layout of both the Superb and the next-generation Kodiaq SUV. There are some elements you’d expect, like a larger, 13-inch infotainment display sitting proud of the dashboard (something former Skoda CEO Thomas Schäfer hinted at when we last spoke to him), and a fully digital 10-inch instrument cluster, as well as de rigeur modern touches like ambient lighting.

But Skoda has also shuffled things around a bit, and even gone back to the future with a trio of physical knobs that control various interior functions – something the brand calls Skoda Smart Dials. The outgoing Superb hadn’t yet abandoned dials for climate control functions, but the ones in the new car have multifunction capabilities, from predictable ones like controlling fan speed and heating, to volume for the audio system, driving mode selection, and zooming in and out on the navigation screen. Pushing the relevant dial cycles between the modes.

Skoda has also relocated the gear selector to the steering column, Mercedes-style – this frees up space on the centre console for extra storage. Air vents are now fashionably integrated into a straked dashboard design, there’s a USB-C port behind the rear-view mirror for plugging in a dashcam, and sustainable materials are used throughout. And don’t worry, the brand’s existing ‘Simply Clever’ features, such as umbrellas hidden in the door panels, are still present and correct.

Chassis and powertrains

The new Skoda Superb sits on a revised version of the MQB evo platform and Skoda proudly states that it was tasked with the development of the chassis, which will ultimately be used for the next-generation VW Passat. There’s a slight increase in length and wheelbase, unlocking even more space in the already cavernous interior. Boot space has even gone up from 660 to 690 litres in the Superb Estate. 


There will be no pure-electric Superb in this generation, instead, we’ll see the VW Group’s latest generation of combustion engines. While the popularity of diesel has waned, there’s still a choice of two 2.0-litre diesel options, with either 148bhp or 192bhp. 

Petrol power is offered in three forms. For the first time there’s a mild-hybird option – a 1.5-litre TSI with 148bhp. A 2.0-litre turbocharged unit comes with either 204bhp or 265bhp and there’s a 1.5-litre TSI petrol mated to a 25.7kWh battery in the plug-in hybrid version. Skoda says the extra battery size will enable a pure-electric range of over 62 miles, increasing from the old PHEV’s 44-mile maximum. 

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