Youngest lotto winner who spent £1.8m on parties and boob job makes life switch

The youngest lottery winner in Britain blew her fortune on drugs and a boob job but is now turning her life around by going into the medical profession.

Aged just 16 at the time of her win, Callie Rogers nabbed a £1.8million jackpot back in 2003.

She’s 34 now and is finally heading back to school after years of running her fortune, and herself, into the ground.

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Huge parties, more than a quarter of a million on designer clothes, cosmetic work and drugs were all part of the Cumbira woman’s journey to burn through the massive stack of cash.

The mum-of-four would later go on to describe the win as a curse, despite being such a dramatic shift from her previous income of £3.60 as a worker on a checkout.

Things are back on track now though because she says she’s been accepted to the University of Central Lancashire to study as a nurse.

She said: "Taking time out and working on yourself to become a better person pays off.

"So proud of myself and the future I'm making for my little family."

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She is due to get cracking on her new course in September of this year.

In 2021, she was on universal credit, despite studying social care in 2018.

In the past, she was even given a driving ban and an eye full of pepper spray after she crashed her car while on cocaine.

Then, in 2018 she was assaulted by two women on a night out leaving her in a pool of blood unconscious – she says she thought she was going to die.

But despite all the hardships that came with the win, she says she is happy with the person she is today.

Callie said: “We all make mistakes in life and I made some when I was young and naïve but winning the lottery was a big part of becoming the person I am today and I’m proud of who I am.”

She has however asked lottery bosses to raise the minimum age of playing to 18 after feeling 16 is too young to handle millionire responsibility.

Callie added: “You’re only 16, with all that responsibility. At that age, you can get the best advice ever but you’re not in a position to listen.

"I was too young. Overnight I went from carefree child to adult.”

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