WW3 fears stoked as UK says its extremely unlikely to send troops to Ukraine

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The UK will support Ukraine said Deputy Prime Minster Dominic Raab, as Russian troops mount near the Ukrainian boarder and the escalating tensions between the two nations look set to kick-off into a full-blown invasion.

The Deputy PM's comments come after the Foreign Office accused Russia of plotting to install a pro-Kremlin government in Kyiv, and Ukraine's ambassador to the UK declared the former Soviet state will "fight to the death" prompting World War Three fears.

The Deputy PM told Sky News: "We will support them [Ukraine] in defending themselves."

If Russia attacks Ukraine, Raab said it is "extremely unlikely" that the UK will send in troops. However the Deputy Prime Minster made the UK's allegiances clear, saying Britain is "standing shoulder to shoulder" with Ukraine.

He also said there will be "very serious consequences" such as the enforcement of economic and financial sanctions if Russia invades and installs a puppet regime.

The UK alleges Russia has its eye on a former pro-Russia Ukrainian MP, Yevhen Murayevm, as a potential new Ukraine leader, however Murayevm says the idea is "stupidity and nonsense".

If war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine does not have enough military of its own to defend its borders. As a result, civilians have begun taking part in combat training, which the UK is helping with.

Raab said: "We're already willing and engaging in training programmes to support Ukrainians defending themselves, that's absolutely right."

Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko also hopes allies will help out if Russia does invade, which the diplomat believes is on the cards.

"It wouldn't be the first time," Prystaiko said, "We will fight to the death, unfortunately so many people in our nation will die but we'll try to get as many Russians, as they come."

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Russian-Ukraine tensions have also affected relations between Germany and Ukraine after Germany blocked the exportation of German-made weapons to Ukraine, triggering an angry comparison between Germany's actions during the world wars to now.

Prystaiko said: "So many Ukrainians still remember what Germany did in our part of the globe, in Ukraine especially.

"We're talking about both of the world wars. There is no Ukrainian family that wasn't affected."

Ukraine has also asked Germany to stop using Russian-provided gas, however doing so would likely worsen the already sky-rocketing gas prices.

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