Wounded Brit fighter paraded on Russian TV after being forced to ‘surrender’

Another British fighter has been caught in Ukraine and made an example of on Russian TV.

Andrew Hill, a father of four from Plymouth, appeared on Russian airwaves with his head bandaged up and his left arm in a sling.

It follows shortly after another Brit, Scott Sibley, was killed in Ukraine while two others, Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin, were captured by Russian forces.

The Plymouth resident looked terrified and weak as he was interrogated on Rossiya 1 state TV.

When he asked how long he would be held before he could go back to England, he was told: "I can't tell you anything about that, but you can rest assured you're safe."

The channel said: "Andrew Hill laid down his arms and surrendered to the Russian military in the Mykolaiv region, after the group of mercenaries in which he fought was defeated and he himself was injured."

Ukraine has continued to deny they have ever used "mercenaries" to fight invading Russian forces.

Hill was used to trumpet a Russian message when asked: "What would you like to say to other Englishmen who decide to go to Ukraine?"

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He replied: "They need to really think about it, this doesn't involve us."

He was asked: "Where are you from? What city?

He replied: "Plymouth."

In other exchanges, he was asked: "Do you have a wife."

"I have an ex-wife."

"Is there anybody else who can care about you?"

"My children, I have four children, and I do have a partner whom I'm dating now."

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"Did you have any weapon assigned to you?"

"Yes, I was carrying a CZ."

The petrified Brit told the Russian's he was in a group of seven fighters.

"I actually have no idea who they was," he said.

"How was the communication with you, between your group and the Ukrainians organised? Who was giving you orders or something?"

"I was not involved in that, but the information we get was very minimal, we don't really get told very much at all if anything."

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