World War 3 fears SOAR as China releases footage of multiple missiles in live-fire drills

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Beijing’s Rocket Force, the People’s Liberation Army’s missile division, conducted the large-scale army exercise according to the country’s state media. The military launched the Dongfeng cruise missiles which “struck special targets precisely”, the China Central Television Station (CCTV) reported.

The videos released by the state-run broadcaster shows at least six visible military trucks.

Each of the vehicles carried three missile launchers at the army drill.

The footage also showed numerous warheads flying into the skies after being fired by soldiers who protective face masks.

The most recent footage is the latest of multiple propaganda videos released by China’ state broadcaster.

Last month, the outlet published footage of the country’s second aircraft carrier firing ammunition to strike targets during an army exercise.

Earlier in October, CCTV also displayed the country’s soldiers “seizing an island” in a simulation attack in an alleged threat to Taiwan.

China has claimed the self-run Taiwan as its own which has led to continuing tensions.

Since tensions between the two nations has escalated, China has sought to show off its military strength to Taiwan and the US.

China was furious after America approved two sales of weapon and defence systems worth about $4.2billion (£3.25billion) to Taiwan.

In response to the move, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to retaliate against the US.

Beijing announced sanctions on American companies who were involved in the weapon deals.

China’s military has two series of missiles – the Dongheng guided missiles and the Julang nuclear submarine missiles.

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The Dongfeng missile series has a hypersonic intermediate-range cruise missile called the Dongfeng 100.

It is designed to target aircraft carriers and other large ships and was showcased by China during a parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China last year.

The US National Interest magazine labelled the weapon as “China’s biggest threat to the US navy”.

In the most recent footage released by the state-run media, China’s soldiers were reportedly launching Dongfeng cruise missiles.

But it is unclear which model of the Dongfeng was used during the military drill.

The Dongfeng missiles are the first series of missiles built entirely by the Chinese people, according to China’s Global People magazine.

It also said the missile series is China’s main weapon for national defence.
The country’s Rocket Force was founded on in January 2016 and renamed from its former Second Artillery Corps title.

China’s military commanders have said their soldiers are “ready to strike targets at any time”.

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