World War 3 alert: China to follow Putin’s lead and launch invasion in face of EU weakness

Western countries 'should be scared of China' says Leoni

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Commentator Nile Gardiner hit out at the EU’s approach to China and Russia, accusing the bloc of “appeasement”. He claimed that they have “emboldened Chinese aggression”, comparing a potential invasion of Taiwan with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. There have been growing concerns that China will attempt to use military force to take control of Taiwan, as the country has built up its military presence near Taiwanese airspace.

Such a move could trigger worldwide involvement in the conflict, as Joe Biden has suggested the US would intervene to defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion.

The US has historically been ambiguous about whether or not it would formally intervene if China attacked Taiwan.

But in October last year, US President Joe Biden was asked whether he could “vow to protect Taiwan”.

In response, Mr Biden said: “Yes and yes”.

He later told CNN that the US has a “commitment” to defend Taiwan.

This could trigger NATO countries to become involved too as a result of Article 5, the principle of collective defence.

When asked whether or not the EU’s approach towards China and Russia could lead to an invasion of Taiwan, Mr Gardiner said: “Certainly”.

He added: “The EU approach basically emboldened Chinese aggression.

“I think the Chinese Communist authority views the EU as a pushover, and that’s the approach Putin has taken as well in the course of many decades.

“And the EU has been viewed as just very weak.”

He contrasted the EU’s approach with that of Brexit Britain, saying the UK is “far more assertive towards the Russians and the Chinese than the European Union.”

Mr Gardiner continued: “For many decades I think the Chinese and the Russians have taken advantage of EU weakness.

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“It has emboldened them and encouraged them.

“I think that certainly, Putin believes the Europeans are just all over.

“He went ahead and invaded Ukraine and I think the Chinese have their eye on Taiwan.

“They view the EU as irrelevant in terms of what they would do.”

In contrast, Mr Gardiner claimed the US and the UK, particularly post-Brexit, both have important roles to play when it comes to “deterring a Chinese invasion of Taiwan”.

He added: “Britain has an important role to play here in terms of standing up to the Chinese, and I do think the Chinese view the UK as a rising adversary.

“Brexit Britain is viewed as a very problematic adversary for the Russians.

“So Brexit is very bad news for both Russia and China.”

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