Womb raider accused of murdering mum and removing foetus before burning body

A man and woman have been charged after a mother of three who was 31 weeks pregnant was abducted and had her baby cut out of her in a harrowing ‘womb raider’ incident before her body was allegedly lit on fire.

The remains of both the mother and daughter were found in separate parts of the US state of Missouri.

The twisted alleged scheme to steal her baby has now been revealed in court filings with two people, Amber and Jamie Waterman, both 42, having been arrested in connection with the abduction and suspected murder of Ashley Bush, 33.

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Bush had been looking for a job that allowed her to work from home after she had experienced complications with her fourth pregnancy.

Turning to Facebook groups she met a woman called ‘Lucy Barrows’ 5News reports.

But Lucy was really a woman called Amber Waterman who had been working to gain the trust of Ashley, allegedly planning on stealing her unborn child.

Three days later ‘Lucy’ offered to help Bush get a job and said she had things she could use for the baby that she didn’t need anymore.

She met up with Bush and her fiancée, Josh Willis on October 28.

Lucy said Bush would need to travel with her to Arkansas as part of getting the job where she would be able to talk to the boss.

On the morning of Halloween, Willis dropped Bush off at the Handi-Mart in Maysville, Arkansas.

He went to pick her up in a second location, Gravette, after he received a text from Bush saying she was there, but when he arrived, he saw ‘Lucy’.

He said: “I hollered at her because her windows cracked, so I know she heard me. This ‘Lucy’ lady looks over at me, looks back straight ahead at the windshield and drives off."

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He was unable to find Bush, “We tried all night long texting her, calling her, trying to get her to answer," the US Sun reports.

When they got in touch with the company Bush had allegedly been trying to get a job with, they said there was no Lucy working there.

Amber Waterman had also called emergency services that day saying she had given birth to a stillborn child.

On November 1, police searched the Waterman’s truck which matched the description of the vehicle Ahsley had last been seen alive in.

The stillborn little girl was scheduled to be cremated on November 2 but a coroner asked for a DNA test.

The coroner who carried out the test said that the ordeal was, "hands down craziest things I have ever dealt with as a coroner for 16 years."

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The Waterman’s vehicle was seized and blood was allegedly found inside the vehicle after a warrant was issued on Thursday (November 3) and they were arrested on the same day.

The husband of Amber, Jamie, according to court documents later confessed he had helped Amber burn Bush’s body after they hid it under a tarp near their home.

He has been charged as an accessory to the fatal kidnapping, while Amber has been charged with one count of kidnapping resulting in death, according to court documents.

They say she: "Unlawfully and wilfully kidnap, abduct, carry away, and hold Ashley Bush, for the purpose and benefit of claiming Ashley Bush’s child as hers."

A court hearing for the couple is expected on Wednesday (November 9) and they will be prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys.


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