Woman left ‘humiliated’ after restaurant turns her away because she was alone

A woman claims she was left "humiliated" and "hungry" after allegedly being refused a table at a popular pizza restaurant because she was on her own.

The unnamed woman, who works as a headteacher, had been on her way home from work, hoping to treat herself to a bite to eat at the Manchester restaurant.

After paying £4 to park up nearby the Detroit pizza specialists Ramona, she claims to have been turned away with the bouncer allegedly telling her the restaurant operates a 'no-singles' policy, reports the MEN.

The customer said she was left "baffled" after claims the member of security staff told her if they let her inside, they would 'have to let single men in too' or it would be "discriminatory."

Bosses at Ramona have told the Manchester Evening News they do not have a 'no-singles' policy and are looking into the allegation.

According to their website, the restaurant reserves the right to refuse large single sex parties, but has no mention of a 'no-singles' policy. And when the M.E.N tried to book a table for one person online, we were able to do so.

The woman said: "After a long day at work I thought I'd treat myself to a nice meal at Ramona on Swan Street. I paid £4 to park nearby for two hours and strolled up the path.

"A bouncer asked if I was meeting a party inside, and I replied 'no – just me.' I was told that in that case I wasn't allowed in. I genuinely thought they were joking. They weren't.

"I asked why as I have dined alone in restaurants many times before and never been turned away because of that. They said it's because they have a bar inside too. I was still confused and baffled.

"Then they said if they let me in, they'd have to let single men in too because it would be discriminatory. Apparently they have a 'no-singles' policy. I walked away feeling humiliated, angry and frustrated – not to mention hungry."

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The woman said when she checked the restaurant's website, she couldn't find any mention of single people dining on their own – only that they don't cater for large single sex parties.

She added: "I find this absolutely shocking and am still in disbelief. I agree they shouldn't discriminate between men and women, but I have no idea why a single man would be a threat or danger.

"I am a headteacher – not that it really matters – but I had been to work so was reasonably well dressed, I wasn't drunk, and just wanted a bite to eat. I can't see one good reason why I was treated like this. There was no apology or empathy, just an attitude."

Andrew Marshall Operations and People Director said: "It's not Ramona's policy to not welcome in single men and women. We are currently looking into the allegation and can't comment on individual cases."

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