Woman baffled as overpriced Tesco mini egg bag would have her pay 38p per choc

A woman has expressed her outrage after spotting an extremely expensive bag of classic Cadbury's chocolates in her local supermarket.

Retail-worker Megan, 23, was shopping in her local Sunderland brand of Tesco when she came across small bags of Cadbury's Mini Eggs.

And it was priced at a whopping £3 for the bag containing just 8 mini eggs.

She tweeted: “(I) genuinely wanna know who is paying £3 in Tesco for a small pack of mini eggs”.

And she told the Daily Star: “I went to one in Sunderland.

“The price was mad – I work in a shop so I assumed maybe someone had put them in the wrong place but regardless I think any treat bag size bag of mini eggs is expensive at £3.

“You barely get any in a bag these days anyway.

“I got the £1 mini egg chocolate bar instead, as I was just getting it for my sister."

However, it does appear that Megan's suspicions about the shelf-full of eggs being in the wrong place could be correct, as the price label states that it is for the “Cadbury Choc Mini Egg Bag 296.”

That would give the hungry recipient 94 of the very mini eggs.

Tesco has refused to comment, but a source told the Daily Star that the bags on the shelf are the 80g version, priced at £1 – not £3 – and that the barcode would still scan at the correct price when taken to the till.

The 296g bags are also the same price – £3 in rival supermarket Sainsbury.

Having said that, as the price of everyone's favourite chocolate amphibian – the Freddo – has risen around 250 per cent in 20 years, from 10p to 25p, it is very possible that the price of the mini, sugar-shell coated Easter treat has risen to the eye watering price, too.

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