Winter Pride returns to London this weekend

After taking a break during last year’s Juno Awards, Winter Pride is coming back to London, courtesy of Pride London Festival.

The event, which celebrates the local LGBTQ2 community, officially kicks off on Thursday with activities such as Dinner and Drag and Winter Pride Karaoke.

Friday’s activities include PrideAfterFive Winter Pride Edition and a RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party.

Andrew Rosser, president of Pride London, says more of the family-friendly activities will be taking place on Saturday.

“We’ve got drag queen storytime, we’ve got an educational event with a safe tucking and binding workshop for anyone that’s curious about gender alignment devices and then we’ve got a big dinner for Saturday night,” Rosser said.

Although the activities taking place are what makes Winter Pride a success, Rosser says the celebration stems beyond just taking part in scheduled proceedings.

“It’s a good celebration to celebrate us all as just humans, and I think right now, especially with what’s going on in the world, it’s a good thing to celebrate us all being just people.”

Following Winter Pride later this year are Pride London’s 40th Pride Festival and parade, set to take place this summer.

Winter Pride events wrap up Saturday evening with the 2020 Spotlight Party taking place at Lavish Night Club.

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