William and Charles dont plan to match superhuman Prince Philip, warns expert

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Two future kings won't hope to get close to Prince Philip's record service to the Royal Family, a commentator has said.

Prince Philip died aged 99 in April this year after 69 years as the royal Consort.

He is the longest-serving holder of that title in history by 12 years, besting King George III's wife Princess Charlotte.

Yet Philip didn't just have a lengthy tenure, Richard Fitzwilliams said.

The royal expert told Express.co.uk the Queen's husband had a 'superhuman' energy which let him thrive at every royal duty, no matter how seemingly unimportant.

But Charles and William shouldn't try to copy him, he added.

Mr Fitzwilliam said: "They're not meaning to match the Duke of Edinburgh; people have their own ways of doing things.

"Everyone is different, the Duke has this superhuman energy.

"I think that he [Charles] is very reflective. I think he's sensitive. I think he's generous."

The long-serving Prince of Wales has long been associated with climate campaigns and the environmentally friendly Highgrove estate in Cornwall.

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Richard added: "His trust and his work for the environment, those are the two aspects of Charles that I think have been internationally praised.

"Alan Bennett in 'The Madness of King George' said being Prince of Wales isn't a position, it's a predicament.

"That was in the play, and some might find it funny but what he's done is create his own role and it's sometimes been controversial, but he's managed it very well."

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Yet Mr Fitzwilliams also said Charles will likely tone down the politics talk when he does become king.

He added: "Remember, the Prince of Wales has been championing the environment, officially it is a cross-party issue, everyone is agreed on it, so that isn't controversial.

"What he wouldn't do as king is be an activist."

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Prince Philip was yesterday mentioned by a royal commentator who compared him to Princess Anne.

The Princess Royal is said to have appeared more and more statesmanlike of late, staying out of lowbrow political battles in much the same way Prince Philip sought to.

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