Weekend storms to hit Britain ahead of heatwave – will your area see thunder? Latest maps

BBC Weather forecasts thunderstorms over weekend

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Weather forecasters have told Britons to expect their first heatwave of 2022 this week. But, while temperatures could approach 28C in the next couple of days, they come with an added risk of misery for some areas. Thunderstorms are poised to form in the hot weather, dousing people as they take advantage of the spring warmth.

Will there be a storm in your area?

Graphs from forecasters at Windy.com show that the weekend should start warm and bright on May 14.

Average temperatures will hold in the mid-teens, around 15C in the south and 12C further north.

While drizzles will emerge around the Scottish coast, they will prove light at best, with roughly 1.5mm of rain per hour.

Rainfall starts in earnest the following day, on May 15, according to Windy.

People living in the south may find they wake in the early hours of Sunday as thunderstorms make their way over from France.

Significant rain and thunder will cross the sea from Roscoff and occupy most of southwest England from around 12am.

While light in most of the region, a concentrated column will pass through Weymouth and move to the northwest.

Easton, Weymouth. Dorchester, Maiden Newton, Piddlehinton and Abbotsbury are among the first areas receiving roughly 15mm of rain per hour.

The system should expand as the day goes on, journeying east and concentrating in Bridport and further northwest.

By 6am, areas likely to see thunderstorms include Yeovil, Warminster, Westbury and western Oxford.

Rain and thunder will likely prove relatively short-lived, as the stronger system appears ready to dissipate almost as soon as it has expanded.

By 10am, the remaining concentrated areas include Chippenham and a cluster of places along the coast from Lyme Regis, such as Bridport, Abbotsbury and Yeovil.

The thunder risk starts for people living in the southeast on Sunday night.

Windy’s graphs show that heavy rain and thunder will stretch over most of those areas starting from 9pm, through London, Brighton, Hastings and Sussex.

Thunderstorms should continue into the early hours of Monday, covering parts of Southampton, Cambridge and the coast near Chelmsford.

By 7am, when people depart their homes for the office, the thunderstorms appear set to move towards the northeast.

While rainfall totals should remain low, around 7mm to 10mm, the storms will cover most of the country to the east of Cambridge to the Norwich coast.

Windy predicts the stormy weather will pass in the early evening on Monday after moving further north.

The last few areas in the path of Monday’s thunderstorms include Nottingham, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester.

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