Wash your balls with flannels instead of showering in heatwave, say water chiefs

Drips from Britain’s leakiest water company are telling families to wash their armpits and privates with damp flannels instead of showering.

It comes with temperatures set to soar as high as a very sweaty 35C this week.

Thames Water, which loses around 600million litres of water a day to leaks, also told people to collect rain in a range of containers.

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The firm, owned by a consortium of foreign interests, advises: “From oak barrels to clay pots there’s something for everyone.” It adds dogs should be washed in leftover paddling pool water.

Southern Water, which has slapped a hosepipe ban on parts of Hampshire and Sussex, is telling customers who do shower to learn a four-minute song so they know when to switch off.

Cat Hobbs, of We Own It, which wants the companies nationalised, said: “Are the firms competing to offer the daftest advice? Who has an oak barrel, even if there was rain to fill it? Water firms’ hypocrisy is incredible. Privatised water firms lose billions of litres of water every day due to leaks, because they are prioritising paying shareholders and CEOs.”

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Lib Dem MPs are calling on the Government to ban new bonuses for water bosses until leaking infrastructure is fixed.

Tim Farron, the party’s rural affairs spokesman, said: “It’s outrageous that while millions suffer from hosepipe bans, water company execs reward themselves with bonuses.”

A Thames Water spokesman said: “We have no way of knowing how long this very dry weather will last so we need to plan carefully. Customers can really help us by using water wisely.”


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