Wagner Group Prigozhins plane crash seen from above in eerie new shots of site

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  • Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin's plane crash has been seen from a new angle as top-down photos were released of the fatal disaster.

    The 62-year-old formerly known as "Putin's chef" was one of 10 people killed when his Embraer Legacy 600 fell to the ground on a flight between St Petersburg and Moscow.

    Rumours of an explosion on board have since followed, with Prigozhin's death now formally confirmed following genetic testing of the fireball plane crash.

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    A satellite image has since snapped the spot where Prigozhin was killed, along with alleged Wagner group founder Dmitry Utkin.

    US company Planet's satellite laid eyes on the wreckage, which can be seen towards the middle of the photograph, close to the tree line.

    Recovery team representatives were also spotted, with their vehicles seen in a cluster near to the crash as they uncovered those on board.

    The death of Prigozhin is widely believed to be a direct retaliation from Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin for the Wagner group leader's failed coup back in June.

    His mutiny had challenged Russian military leadership and, according to one expert, the writing was on the wall for Prigozhin soon after the failed march in Moscow, the Daily Star reported.

    A replacement for Prigozhin is now being sought by the militia, with a collection of Russian security firms looking into taking over the Wagner group.

    Frontrunners at the moment are Redut, as their founder, the "Godfather" of the KGB, gears up to take on the role whose previous incumbent was allegedly assassinated.

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    Gennady Timchenko was tipped as the expected next leader of the group having overseen missions in Syria with his own squadrons under Redut, which allegedly is used in the protection of factories.

    Redut has since poached several high-tier Wagner group members, including their intelligence head Anatoly Karazii, who has been installed as the PMC of the Timchenko-founded company.

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