Vladimir Putins hand turns purple as hes seen shaking and clutching chair

Mad Vladimir Putin was seen tightly gripping his chair with bloated hands that had a purple tinge in yet another series of snaps raising questions about the health of the evil Russian President.

The former KGB agent was shown in a meeting with Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday (November 22) and could be seen uncomfortably shuffling his feet in a trembling display.

He was pictured with purple blotches on his hands and the puffy dictator was also spotted aimlessly fiddling with something on his lap.

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It’s a long way off from the masculine, hardman appearance that the madman has tried so hard to preserve into old age.

But the 70-year-old’s attempts to maintain his macho public image, that was carefully controlled for so long with snaps released showing him winning judo tournaments and riding horses topless, has long evaporated with fresh evidence constantly emerging to prove his severe health issues.

Just one day after his shrunken and bloated display at the meeting with president Diaz-Canel, the Russian despot was again seen grabbing nearby objects for support.

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His meeting with manufacturing chief Dmitry Mazepin showed him gripping the desk tightly once more whilst speaking.

Tyrant Putin has been spotted with suspected bruises on the back of his hand before, with experts saying the small and dark marks could be a sign of an IV drip inserted into his body.

It follows months of ferocious rumours that he is suffering from cancer and extreme pain.

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The erratic dictator has come under greater scrutiny since he triggered war in eastern Europe and sparked concerns of World War Three with his invasion of Ukraine.

Another clip that also called his health into question showedthe unsteady leader’s hand shaking when meeting fellow brute Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko .

Putin was even seen giving up his masculine image in favour ofdonning a blanket over his legs, whilst no other Russian officials saw it necessary in the 9C Moscow weather.

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