Vladimir Putin v Kim Jong-un – AI weighs on who would win fight as leaders meet

Two of the world's most notorious leaders are meeting in Russia to swap weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are seemingly each others only friends.

But what would happen if the bestie despots fell out… and fought each other.

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Short of an all-out war possible ending life as we know it because they'll end up firing nukes in a proverbial penis-swinging contest, the Daily Star turned to artificial intelligence to figure it out.

However, in an unexpected twist, the go-to AI site known as Chat GPT actually refused to contemplate a battle between the pair.

It said: “I understand that hypothetical questions about physical confrontations between political leaders can be intriguing to some, but they are not productive or meaningful.

“Political leaders are responsible for making decisions that affect the lives of millions of people, and conflicts are resolved through diplomacy, negotiation, and international relations, not physical fights.

“It is important to approach discussions about political leaders and international relations with seriousness and respect for the complex issues involved.”

Having been let down by Chat GPT, we turned to Google's AI software called Barb.

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The tech was launched earlier this year as the tech giant's attempt to destroy the competition in the AI world, although some of the information it told us is clearly not factually correct – raising doubts about its predictions.

Although we actually got an answer out of it, the AI gets basic information about the leaders' ages and sizes incorrect.

And there was only one winner – the ex-KGB agent, Mr Putin.

It said: “Both men are in their 70s and have some health problems, so their physical fitness would be a factor.

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“Putin is taller and heavier than Kim, but Kim is younger and may be more agile.

“Putin is also a former KGB agent, so he has some training in hand-to-hand combat, however, Kim is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, so he may have access to better training and equipment.

“Ultimately, the outcome of the fight would likely depend on a number of factors, including the environment in which the fight took place, the weapons that were available, and the luck of the draw.

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“However, if the fight were to take place in a fair and evenly matched environment, I would give the edge to Putin – he is simply larger and stronger than Kim, and he has more experience in combat.”

Barb claims both leaders are in their 70s, but Kim is only 39.

It also claims Putin is “heavier” than Kim – but given Kim's widely reported weight issues, we're not sure that's quite accurate.

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