Vape shop called ‘tasteless’ for name that appears to play on horrific sex crime

A vape shop has been branded "tasteless" for the name of its store which appears to play on a horrific sex crime.

The Melbourne, Australia-based shop planted in a busy shopping centre has been hit by a slate of furious comments, with hundreds taking to Reddit to discuss the store.

Said store, which brandishes the name 'Serial Vapist', was found on Swanson Street, and left hundreds irked when people realised it may be a play on words of "serial rapist".

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The disgusting crime, committed by a criminal who has raped a number of victims, was brandished high above the establishment.

One user wrote that the name was in "astonishingly poor taste" while another claimed it added a "disgusting touch" to an "otherwise sweet corner" of the city.

Another user said: "Rape is not funny. This pun is tasteless, and so is vaping."

Rape culture marketing has been a growing trouble for Melbourne residents, with Daily Mail reporting a previous encounter between concerned individuals and deputy lord mayor Nicholas Reece.

Disgruntled residents have repeatedly said that the bad taste in naming stores was not "who we are as a city or a country" but little appears to have been done so far.

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Denis Ryan, the centre manager of Melbourne Central, said he was aware of the offensive signage but confirmed it was "not located within Melbourne Central and is not a tenant of The GPT Group."

Despite that, the group has received five complaints so far regarding the name of the store.

He continued: "As such, we are not in a position to raise these concerns with the retailer. This type of signage on display would not be approved at Melbourne Central, nor at any other retail asset managed by The GPT Group.

"Melbourne Central management endeavours to make our centre a safe, vibrant and welcoming one for all customers, retailers and employees."

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