UKs secret village with super-rich residents and supermodel champagne parties

A secretive UK village has become a hive for the super-rich who live there or come to visit.

High in the hills of Staffordshire, the village of Horton is a hangout for the very wealthy, with a number of businesspeople and even supermodels said to spend time there.

The area is upmarket – and recently reporter Yasmin Sarwar wrote for StokeonTrentLive that the picturesque country lanes around the area are free from potholes that can be spotted in other parts of the county.

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With few amenities around, the horses and bikes are more common than cars with few properties going up for sale in the area.

One villager, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "Horton's known to neighbouring towns and villages as 'the hidden village', because people have heard of Horton as a parish but nobody really knows where the village itself is.

"Everyone's rich around here – it's quite an exclusive area. Most people seem to move to Horton – there aren't many people originally from here. There's a lot of successful women in Horton actually.

"One invites all the villagers to her parties – I've never had more champagne in my life. There were supermodels, celebrities and all sorts of important seeming people turning up."

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Chairman of Horton Village Hall Roger Ball said: "Horton is a nice little place. When I first moved here in 1968 I didn't really want to, but I had to move to wherever I could afford to buy a property, so I ended up here.

"I wouldn't leave for the world now. Of course, it's a bit colder up here and we get some fog and bad weather, but it's a beautiful place to live.

"It's a quiet area and we only really get traffic from people travelling between Leek and Biddulph. Most the people who live here are older – and people who move into Horton usually buy a historic building and do it up to live in.

"The village hall and near St Michael's church is a conservation area, so people have to check the building regulations before they can start doing work there. There aren't many houses in Horton – it's a very hilly area and it's mainly used for agriculture.

"I've been a member of the parish council for 44 years and I took over Horton Village Hall committee in 1985. Most of the people who visit the hall come from far and wide – there's only me who attends who's actually from Horton.

"We'd love for some younger people to visit us and help keep the village hall going. Before the pandemic, we'd have four or five functions [weddings, parties and wakes] a week, but we could never get back to putting on that amount."

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